“When the French complain about Macron, I say: go to the United States or Russia, where almost everyone was kicked out of work, and stay at home»

One of the most beautiful athletes in Russia golfer Maria Verchenova told about life in France and announced her retirement.

Maria Verchenova is not only one of the most fiery beauties of Russian sports, but also a super-experienced and literate person. I’m my own Manager, otherwise I can’t be successful in Golf. Has a rich experience of living abroad: first in the US, and now in France. Together with their parents, they became pioneers for Russian golfers at the top level: first, Maria played in the Euro Tour, then managed to qualify for the Olympic games in Rio. There Verchenova lit up: she set an Olympic record, and the 16th final place is cool, considering that Golf is still exotic for Russia. Thanks to her appearance and shooting for gloss, Verchenova managed to achieve a noticeable popularity. But after the 2016 Games, she abruptly disappeared and stopped performing. Although the age allowed to qualify for participation in more than one Olympic games.

— How does France get out of quarantine?

— Since Monday, we were “released”, my daughter went to school. However, they only have seven people in the class, all sit one at a Desk, and you need to bring lunch with you from home. Children are disciplined: for example, my daughter had a toy hare with her, but no one came to pet it. They know to keep their distance. But before that, we stayed at home for two and a half months. The only thing that saved me was that there was a courtyard and a chance to go outside a little. Well, I bought a bike, like many here.

— Do the French observe all the restrictions, or do they fry kebabs like some people?

— When there were rumors that the quarantine was about to be imposed, people, on the contrary, went to hang out. In Paris, crowds sat by the river and drank champagne. And when they were told something, they replied: “We are not ill, everything is normal.” Therefore, we have introduced the most stringent measures.

Golf is almost the most safe kind of sport from the point of view of the spread of the virus. There is no contact, the distance between the players is huge…

“Yes,but it’s all closed. I tried to play in a clearing in the woods, but it was, to be honest, a mockery of Golf. Here in Russia, I heard that some fields are already open and they are playing with all their might.

— Did you lose something financially during the quarantine? And how do the authorities support their citizens in France?

— The French like to complain about their President Macron. But I say in such cases: “If you don’t like something, go to the United States or Russia, where almost everyone was kicked out in one day, and stay at home as you want.” Or here is appointed 10 thousand rubles for the child — as you want, and provide for the family.

— At the same time, I personally have not yet been able to “win” the site of public Services and issue a payment.

— Well, what about ten thousand and two months in quarantine?” Let’s say I work in the field of precious stones and am currently studying to become a gemologist. The French authorities have introduced payments of up to 80 percent of the salary for those who work for hire. My employer paid me the remaining 20 percent. In other words, I received my full salary for two months. It’s just gorgeous. It seems to me that only France and England have introduced such a system. Yes, it is difficult for the country now, I don’t know what will happen next with the economy. But France didn’t throw people away. – Verchenova says.

— Don’t you think it’s a mistake that Golf has become part of the Olympic program at all? This is a separate world, and in Rio it seemed that the leading golfers of the Game are not particularly needed — just like football players.

— In women’s Golf, all the stars came to Rio. In men’s Golf, the situation was different, but this is understandable. They earn such a lot of money that many people would rather sit at home than play Games for free. So someone started saying they were afraid of getting zika — remember when everyone was afraid of these mosquitoes? And then it turned out that these same people came to Brazil to comment on Golf for money. But I still believe that Golf should be part of the Olympic program. It has a long history — it was at the Games a hundred years ago, it is really a very active sport that requires excellent physical training. I can’t say that my debut in Rio was a failure, but I hope that everything will be even better at the next Olympics.