The long awaited Green blazer. Dustin Johnson conquered the Masters!

The November Masters, despite various fears, turned out well. Yes, without spectators, yes, without a riot of colors and blooming magnolias and azaleas, yes, in a shortened format due to television and early sunset, but the main thing remained unchanged: the best golfers in the world and an uncompromising struggle for the main trophy in world golf. Meteorologists predicted rains throughout the week, but in reality there was one big downpour: on Thursday morning. True, the organizers already calculated everything with an accuracy of almost a minute, so the delay of 2 hours and 47 minutes was extremely unpleasant. The second round was finished only on Friday morning, the third – on Saturday morning, and only by the final day the tournament returned to its usual course. The rain on Thursday made the pitch very soft and the greens slow, so we saw a whole lot of great results and individual shots.

Yes, John Ram did a hole-in-one in training, but we couldn’t help but notice the Spaniard’s amazing kick. A few years ago, the Masters had a tradition of making “pancakes” on the 16th hole: golfers deliberately hit parallel to the water with the goal that the ball, jumping over the water surface, eventually rolled out onto the green. The shot itself is not easy, so any hit on the green is an achievement. However, Ram succeeded in real beauty: the ball hit right in the hole, and this hit bypassed all the world’s TV channels, websites and agencies, and not only sports. The fantastic hole-in-one Rama was the highlight of the last tournament.

Bryson Deschambeau was considered the main contender for the victory before the start of the Masters. The American prepared for it according to an individual program and deliberately missed two major competitions on the West Coast of the United States in order to bring himself in perfect shape to the “major” in Augusta. Unfortunately, we could not understand whether this was successful or not. Bryson had health problems all week: dizziness, lethargy, numbness, abdominal pain. Deschambeau even took a coronavirus test, which tested negative. The American did not act in films and tried to find his own game, but, of course, his well-being was reflected in his result. Bryson barely passed the cut and ended up tied for 31st place only.

Bernard Langer played in one fly on Sunday with Deschambeau, becoming the oldest golfer to complete a cut: 63 years and 78 days. If Bryson hit the farthest on average than all other golfers, then Langer, on the contrary, sent the ball to the shortest distances. So, Rory McIlroy, who played with Langer on Saturday, honestly admitted that he had no idea what result he would have shown if he had left the tee so short. Nevertheless, this did not prevent the famous German from getting ahead of Deschambeau in the standings and taking 29th place. By the way, during the third round, Bernard made an amazing putt of 63 feet.

It is unlikely that this episode cost Bryson a title or even a top 10, but in any case it affected the further course of his tournament. On Friday, the golfer took a mighty drive on the third par-4 hole. The ball flew slightly to the left and sank in the second cut of the raff. He did not get into any bushes or thickets as high as a knee, but it was not possible to find him in three minutes. As a result, Deschambeau had to return to tee and write down the triple gods on the card. The ball was eventually found, but after the time allotted for the search was over. How and why this could not be done in not the tallest grass remained a mystery.