The Guardian: Trump is criticized for playing Golf in the midst of an epidemic

Donald trump last Saturday visited his private Golf club in Virginia, the Guardian reports. It is noted that earlier the President promised to stay in Washington. The publication recalls that trump has repeatedly been criticized for excessive predilection for Golf. During his current visit, several people also gathered at the entrance to the Golf club with posters criticizing the President.

Last Saturday, Donald Trump visited one of his private Golf courses in Virginia, writes The Guardian. As the newspaper notes, this trip took place against the background of a new increase in cases of coronavirus infection in the United States, as well as after trump’s own statements that he would stay in Washington to “make sure that law and order are observed.”

The Guardian recalls that trump has been criticized before for being too fond of Golf. According to CNN, the current visit was trump’s 271st during his time in power. It is noted that trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, played Golf 333 times during his two presidential terms.

Meanwhile, the number of cases of coronavirus detected per day in the United States broke a new record, amounting to 40,000, the Guardian reports. States like Texas, Florida and Arizona were the hardest hit. The publication recalls that Donald trump was often harshly criticized for the fact that the United States has become the country with the largest spread of coronavirus in the world. Critics, first of all, note his reluctance to wear a mask, holding election events in the places of infection outbreak and spreading dubious theories about treatment methods.

According to the Guardian, on his last visit to his Golf course, trump came across opposition-minded activists. At the entrance to the Golf club, several people stood with placards campaigning against the us President. The publication notes that at the moment it is unknown whether trump played Golf, but in the photos he was wearing a white shirt and a red cap, which is his typical form for playing Golf.