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Matt Kuchar takes the lead, McIlroy in the Top 10 opening days of Genesis Invitational

Gathering 9 of the top 10 golfers in the world but Matt Kuchar is the name most mentioned after the first round of Genesis Invitational.
Kuchar played an almost perfect round with 7 birdies and no bogey. The 41-year-old Golfer created 3 birdies in the first 4 holes before coming up with a 30-foot putt for another birdie in a challenging 18 hole. According to the statistics of PGATour.com, the average tee-off length of Kuchar is 298.5 yards, the drive is 64.3% accurate and reaches the green rate of 77.8%, …

Matt Kuchar is the name most mentioned after the first round of Genesis Invitational who layed an almost perfect round with 7 birdies and no bogey

With a result of 64 (-7), Kuchar has led the official event upgraded by the PGA Tour this season, creating at least 3 points difference with 5 golfers: Harold Varner III, Kyoung-Hoon Lee, Russell Henley , Wyndham Clark and Adam Schenk.
Overcoming the unfavorable start when getting bogey in hole 12, Rory McIlroy created 2 Eagles in only three holes and together with birdie hole 5, the world’s number one golfer has significantly improved the score. At the end of the first round with 68 (-3), McIlroy ranked at T7 with nine other golfers, including Patrick Cantlay, Patrick Reed, Jason Day or Bryson DeChambeau.

Tiger Woods, the name that attracted the most attention, had a round of 69 (-2) and ranked in T17. In the first hole, Super Tiger responded to the expectations of the audience with a 24-foot, 8-inch putt that perfectly scored Eagle. Continuing with 2 birdie 5 and 8, Woods ended the first half with 31 (-4). However, the happenings in the following 9 holes are completely opposite. The windy weather on the Riviera has affected Woods and made it difficult for Super Tiger to record no more birdies and get bogey holes 12 and 18.

In the same group of results like Woods, there are other prominent names like Brook Koepka or Justin Rose.


The golf rules are very complicated and are strictly . The golf players needs to hit the ball from the tee box until it lands on the green. 1 point for each touch of the ball. After that, the player will continue at the next golf course. A complete golf course has 18 courses, players can play 1 round (18 roads) or half a round (9 roads) or 2 rounds (36 roads). At the end of the game, the player calculates the total number of points earned, whoever wins the least points wins.

A golf course includes the following components:
Tee box: start.
Fairway: Rolling ball roads.
Bunker: Sand holes.
Rough: Obstacle areas such as hard soil, weeds, bushes, etc.
Lake: Pond (as one of the obstacles).
Green: The special grass area on which the hole is located to end the course and flagged for direction.
The way to play golf is simple, so the rules are very strict with aim to increase the score of the player. And the structure of the golf course has bushes, hills, ponds and lakes are designed to fall into the range of the ball for players to make a mistake (depending on the fault, from 1 to 3 points or go back to the beginning point.
Standard bats are the number of strokes specified in a hole in which you have to put the ball, from the tee to the last to the ball.

Example: If a hole has a standard 4-stroke, then you must find a way to put the ball into the hole within 4 strokes.

If you do this, you will reach the standard par.
If less than 1 stroke, you only need 3 strokes to put the ball into the hole, you get Birdie, the score is – 1; if less than 2 strokes, you get an Eagle, the score is – 2.
Conversely, if you have to take 5 strokes to put the ball in the hole, ie on 1 stroke, you get Bogey, the score is + 1.
The result of the holes will be added up. After having played 18 or 36 holes, the person with the highest negative score is the winner.