Successful game of Natalia Guseva and Anna Schulze at the LETAS stage in Spain

In Spain, the final stages of the season of the second division of the women’s Euro tour were held, where our golfers performed strongly. Participants had to play in the most difficult weather conditions, and the air temperature dropped to almost zero degrees. The start of the final round of the Santander Golf Tour Lauro tournament was postponed twice due to rain, and subsequently the golfers could not finish it.

As a result, the organizers of the competition had to cancel the final round and limit themselves to the results of the first two days. Our country was represented at the Spanish tournament by Anna Schulze, Alisa Khokhlova and Natalia Guseva, who performed by special invitation and made her debut at the LETAS stages. Anna and Natalia managed to overcome the cut, although it was very difficult to perform on the second day.

“My first tournament was held in Lerma,” says Natalia, who finished in the top 20 at another LETAS stage a few days ago. ” This is a very famous field, and professional tournaments have been held there many times. We also had to play in severe weather conditions, as sometimes we went out to play in one degree of heat, which is not warm. In principle, I am happy with my performance. Played in minus three. There is a lot to work on. And now I understand that I can safely fight with professionals who play LETAS. I hope that in the near future I will be able to get to more prestigious tournaments, play LETAS and always be in the top. I think that you just need to work on yourself, and everything will work out.

At the tournament in Lauro, the field was already much heavier, there were a lot of trees, and there was no such open space. Here, too, there was wind, but it was more difficult to cope with it, as the field was very narrow and treacherous. Every time I had to think about where to play correctly, so that then there was the right shot on the green. You can’t even tell from the final score whether it turned out, because in the last round I was in minus two until the last hole, I had only two holes left to play, and it’s a shame that the last round was canceled, since I was in the twentieth position. If I had finished, maybe I would have made it to the top 15, as many girls couldn’t handle the last round in the rain. The rain was very heavy. Sometimes the greenkeepers would come and “clear” the path for us on the putt, as everything was flooded and we played in very difficult weather conditions.

I want to thank my caddy chavi’s Pandamania, he was with me in these two tournaments and was very helpful. Without him, of course, I would not have managed and did not give such a good result on the last day, and in principle in these two tournaments. I want to thank my mother, who always supports me, and who is always with me. And all those who supported me. I am very pleased for the support when it comes from my home country, and I hope that in the future I will please you with better results at the LETAS stages, and a little later, maybe in the LPGA. I think everything will work out, we will prepare. In principle, the Olympics are just around the corner. Not the next one, but a little later. I hope that everything will work out for us. There is potential in Russian Golf, and we know it very well.”