Saudi Arabia will host professional women’s tournaments for the first time

The management of the women’s Euro tour has announced its intention to hold two new tournaments in Saudi Arabia. Competitions with a total prize pool of one and a half million dollars will be held this year and will be the first professional women’s tournaments held in this country. Both starts will take place at the Royal Greens Golf club on the red sea coast. The start of the Aramco Saudi Ladies International tournament is scheduled for November 12, and the three-day Saudi Ladies Team International tournament, where professionals and Amateurs will perform together, starts on the 17th. Initially, the LET stage was scheduled for March this year, but then the competition was canceled due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Recall that at the beginning of last year, the first men’s tournament was held in Saudi Arabia, the winner of which was Dustin Johnson.

At the beginning of the season, LET representatives managed to hold only two starts, and four more stages were held after the covid break. The calendar of the 2020 season includes five more competitions, two of which will be held in the country of the sheikhs. Both starts will take place at the Royal Greens Golf club on the red sea coast. This year, only at two stages of LET, the organizers were able to provide their participants with a prize pool of more than one million dollars, and therefore the performance at the Aramco Saudi Ladies International tournament will be very tempting for representatives of the Euro tour. However, some golfers have already announced that they do not intend to fly to Saudi Arabia, as they condemn the policy of the country’s leadership. Recall that just a couple of years ago, women were allowed to get driver’s licenses here, and only at the end of last year, the rule requiring restaurants to organize a separate entrance for women was canceled.