Raevo Golf & Country Club General Manager Iain Mcinally: the Desired goal has been achieved.

British Golf professional Ian McInally (Iain McInally) was recently appointed as General Manager of the Raevo Golf & Country Club project. His long-term experience in Golf and hotel business should be the key to successful work in Russia. Yulia Pavlova, marketing & PR Director of Raevo Golf club, spoke to Ian Mcinally about the stages of his activities in the Golf and hotel business, Russian Golf and the new Golf club in Odintsovo district.

Iain, tell us about your development in Golf.

My experience in Golf and hotel business is about 30 years. First as a Golf professional, then as a Manager of Golf clubs.
His career began with working in private clubs near London. First at the Wisley club for the first 5 years since it opened, and then I moved to Barbados and worked as the Director of Golf at Royal Westmoreland.
The next location was the exclusive 5-star Marriott country club in the UK. Then Home of Golf at the Old Course Hotel in Scotland, and then I became the Manager of the nearby Fairmont Golf resort.
Before joining the European Tour, I was the CEO of Quinta do Lago in Portugal, the prestigious Monte Rei, and then worked for Emaar at the Golf resort at the Address Montgomery hotel complex in Dubai.
During my five years at European Tour, the number of properties under my management has grown from 12 to 31 branded resorts.
In September 2019, I joined the Raevo team, which I am very happy about.

Why did you decide to work at a Russian Golf club? What was the reason for this interest?

My main goal in my career has always been to work at the highest level of facilities that are directly related to Golf. Raevo is an ideal project that combines absolute quality and high service not only in providing Golf services, but also in other areas of recreation: tennis, winter entertainment, restaurants, SPA, real estate.

Speaking of personal life and interests, my wife was born in Russia and speaks Russian fluently. We love Moscow and see a number of excellent development opportunities for our family here.

Tell us your vision of the Raevo Golf & Country Club project. What is its special feature and what are the prospects?

My role is to direct the project and the club’s team in the right direction, focusing on the absolute quality and level of services provided.

The center of attraction at the club will always be an unsurpassed Golf course, but all other aspects must also meet high quality standards.

There are many examples where the presence of a Golf course at any resort significantly increases the value of hotel accommodation, the cost of real estate on the territory not only increases significantly, but is also subject to protection from changes in the market, the possibility of rapid resale.

Why is the closed work format chosen for Raevo? Tell us about the advantages.

The word “closed” may not be quite correct in this context, but if we talk about Raevo, it will be an absolutely private club for its members, their families and guests. There is a great saying “Private clubs should operate in private” and we will try to go completely in this direction. Of course, sometimes we will go beyond the system and take part in the social life of the Golf community. However, Raevo will become a unique place for club members, where they can enjoy all the amenities, home atmosphere, attention and personal service.

You have a lot of experience working with Golf clubs, you travel a lot. Tell us, which club is considered the standard of service, quality and beauty for You?

The question of preferences is always quite subjective, but thanks to my experience with almost 40 of the best venues around the world, there are places that I admire for various reasons: the Wisley and Queenwood Clubs in London have a structure that involves private and exclusive activities. Always remaining true to this concept, they maintain high quality in service and work, respecting all the needs and desires of club members.
If we talk about the Terre Blanche resort in Provence, it has perhaps the highest quality in all its areas and is constantly striving for improvement and innovation.
Finca Cortesin in Spain continues to develop with an emphasis on absolute attention to detail. This is probably why these clubs are my favorite.

However, when visiting the famous St Andrews as a golfer, I am overwhelmed by a sense of belonging to a history and experience that has remained largely unchanged for several generations, which in this case is the ideal way to exist and operate.

What are the global advantages of managing IMG for Raevo Golf club?

Today, IMG is the world’s largest sports and event promotion company. If we talk about global impact, it is the integration of the management system, marketing coverage and access to industry information. From the point of view of the Raevo club, working together with IMG will allow club members to have special access to more than 200 Golf courses around the world, which are part of the IMG Prestige network. We are also talking about such famous sites as Turnberry in Scotland, Le Golf National in Paris, Emirates Golf Club in Dubai, Ba Na Hills in Vietnam and Monte Rei in Portugal.

In Russia IMG promotes and participates in events: Moscow Fashion Week, Taste of Moscow, UFC fights, the Kremlin Cup in tennis and others, providing exclusive participation opportunities for members of the Raevo Golf club.

How do you assess the Golf market in Russia?

Golf in Russia is still a small market in terms of the number of Amateurs playing, but it has an incredibly rich resources and opportunities that combine the high quality of Golf courses and professionals involved in this sport.

The Moscow region is the location of three Jack Nicklaus signature fields, as well as three fields included in the top 100 rating in Continental Europe, which is really unique in terms of the total number of participants in the rating.