Nadal finished sixth at the Mallorca golf tournament

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal finished sixth at the Balearic Golf Championships in Mallorca, La Vanguardia reported.
At the end of three days of competition, 34-year-old Nadal lost 10 shots to the winner – Sebastian Garcia. On 54 holes, Nadal spent 225 shots.
Nadal, who previously ranked first in the tennis rankings, is the winner of 20 Grand Slam singles titles. Next week, the Spaniard will play in the Masters tennis tournament in Paris.

Zhukov: It is quite possible that soon Russia will start taking Olympic medals in golf

The Honorary President of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) Alexander Zhukov said that Russia could soon start competing for Olympic medals in golf.
On Sunday Zhukov took part in the Strong Figures International Intellectual Sports Festival. In “curlingolf” Zhukov’s team took the third place among amateurs. At the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Russian woman Maria Verchenova, the only representative of Russia in golf, took 16th place.
“Now there are many juniors who are quoted in their age and even win international championships. I hope that in the near future our athletes will not only qualify for the Olympic Games, but also fight for medals in this form. It is quite possible. There are many children, there are those who perform at a decent level, “Zhukov told RIA Novosti.

Zagitova took part in golf training

Russian figure skater Alina Zagitova held a golf training session as part of the Strong Figures festival, Match TV reports.
The senior coach of the Russian national golf team, Igor Ivashin, helped the figure skater during the training session.
This year the Strong Figures festival is being held in the Tver region in Zavidovo.

In the offseason, Alina Zagitova does not waste time and learns to play golf. There are hopes for medals in this sport in the coming summer Games!

Earlier, Zagitova announced the suspension of her sports career. The athlete has already missed the Russian and European championships.