Multisportsmen. How Nadal, Bale and Curry became golfers

Rafael Nadal, Gareth Bale, Stephen Curry. Aside from being legends in their respective sports, what do these celebrated athletes have in common? Love for golf. For them, golf is even more than a hobby and a pleasant pastime. For example, 13-time Roland Garros champion Nadal has taken part in the professional Euro Tour Balearic Golf Championship not for the first time. 60 golfers took part in the competition: 23 professionals and 37 amateurs.

Nadal, whose handicap according to various sources is either 0.3 or 1.5, showed remarkable play over 54 holes and finished sixth. In the first and second rounds, Rafael hit 74 each, and in the third – 77. He lagged behind champion Sebastian Garcia by 10 hits, which is a great result for someone who usually holds a racket in his hands, not a club. The tournament was held in Nadal’s homeland in Mallorca, and he tries not to miss competitions on this island, unless, of course, he is busy at tennis starts.

So, in 2019, Rafael took second place at one of the tournaments in the Balearic Islands; however, the championship itself was not that big. Nadal not only plays, but also organizes tournaments: two years ago, the first Rafa Nadal Golf Challenge took place. And three years ago, Nadal attended the major exhibition tournament Hero World Challenge, which is hosted by Tiger Woods. By the way, the Spaniard has a long-term friendly relationship with Tiger. Woods came to the tennis US Open and rooted for Nadal, and Rafael responded by saying that playing in front of the great champion is a great honor: “Tiger has always been a source of inspiration for me. He is one of the greatest athletes in history, ”says Rafael. Nadal is not the only tennis player to play golf successfully. So, the Americans Pete Sampras (0.5) and Andy Roddick (1.5) have excellent handicaps. The famous masters of the past Ivan Lendl and Boris Becker also distinguish birdies from albatross, although they do not go out on the field so often.

Gareth Bale is the top golfer among footballers. For some reason, his hobby is very often criticized by the football fans of the team for which he stands: earlier this hobby of the Welshman was unhappy with fans of Real Madrid, now fans of Tottenham, who believe that Bale aggravates his injuries on the golf courses. “For some reason people think that I shouldn’t play golf because it can hurt me. I spoke with the doctors, and they have nothing against it. But the fans don’t understand my love for golf. If Stephen Curry plays the morning before his basketball game, then it’s okay. If I play two days before my football meeting, then immediately there are dissatisfied: “But what is he doing?” Football is my No. 1 sport, I get paid for it, I always give my best. Golf is a hobby because everyone has a hobby, ”explains Bale.