Mickelson won Woods after the fourth pit, winning $ 9 million

A throw from just over a meter helps Phil Mickelson defeat his longtime rival, winning a record sum of prize money in golf history.
The fight between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson at Shadow Creek Stadium was as exciting as expected. Mickelson started better, birdie right on hole number two to lead Woods one.

It was not until the seventh hole, “Super Tiger”, which equalized by a perfect strike from more than three meters. But soon after, Mickelson re-established the lead with birdie in hole 8.

The competition became unpredictable in the second half of the round. Woods birdie consecutively in holes 11 and 12, leading an opponent to a hole. But the 42-year-old star does not hold the advantage for too long. In the next hole, Mickelson only needs two sticks to put the ball into the hole, thus leveling the gap.

The victory came close to the golfer nicknamed “The Lefty” with birdie in hole 15, while Woods spent five consecutive holes only par. After hole 16, Mickelson still leads Woods a hole and is full of opportunities to win nine million dollars in prize money.

But Woods did not let the game close in a tedious manner. The owner of 14 excellent major titles put the ball into hole 17 after only two strokes and brought the race to the starting line. In hole 18, two veteran stars reach par and have to step into the pit. Woods soon gets a chance at the first pit when he takes a decisive shot from a distance of 2.4 meters. But he missed. The next two extra holes, Mickelson’s turn had a chance to finish the game, but also squandered after two strokes, respectively three and six meters away.

The match lasted more than four hours and ended in the 22nd hole. A high-class driver helped Mickelson put the ball just 1.2 meters from the crater. The 48-year-old Golfer then easily birdie to win the match and win nine million dollars in cash.