Japan’s Finance Minister: ” The 2020 Olympics are cursed. This happens every 40 years , it’s a fact»

Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso believes that the 2020 summer Olympics in Tokyo are cursed.

According to the Minister, such games happen once in 40 years , since 1940.

The 1940 games in Tokyo were canceled due to the war, the 1980 Games in Moscow were boycotted by many countries, and the 2020 Games may not take place due to the threat of coronavirus.

“This problem occurs every forty years – the damn Olympics. This is a fact, ” Aso said .

Vice-President of the Japanese Olympic Committee Kozo Tashima was diagnosed with a coronavirus.

Tashima, 62, is a member of the FIFA Board of Directors . From late February to early March, he paid an official visit to England, the Netherlands, and the United States.

According to Tashima, he is doing well, despite being unwell and having symptoms of pneumonia.

“I will focus on the treatment and the instructions of my doctor,” the sports official said.

Denis Massella, President of the French national Olympic Committee, hopes that the crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic will pass by the end of may, which will allow the 2020 Olympics to be held in Tokyo.

“In my opinion, if we are still in crisis by the end of may, it is difficult to imagine that the Games will be held on time.

If we overcome the peak and the situation improves, there will be questions about who was selected, but we will find the optimal solution.

I trust the IOC and am waiting for more information.

A week ago, I could not even imagine the situation in which we are now. When I returned (from Japan) on Saturday morning, I was confident and optimistic, telling myself that the Japanese were solving the problem a little differently.

They are extremely careful, water-based gels are everywhere. Everyone wears masks, they work almost normally.

If we get out of the crisis in a couple of months, everyone will want to return to normal life, this will speed things up, ” Massella said.