Is the Tiger Woods era over?

The most famous golfer of our time tiger woods has completed treatment for drug dependence. Will we see him again on the podium of any major tournament?
In the noughties, every housewife knew woods’s name. His successes were aware of not only those who can not distinguish between “birdie” from steam, and the bunker from the green, but even those who have little idea how to look for the Golf clubs, how many of them, and how they differ.

All these details are for professionals or at least fans of the most aristocratic (according to adepts) sport. But there was so much of woods in everyday life that it was hard to miss him. He looked at us from the covers of magazines, glossy or not, smiled from the TV screen during ads, his victories were told about in the news of sports where Golf is not very welcome, he produced his own clothes and a named video game. He also regularly topped the list of the richest athletes – his earnings exceeded a billion dollars. Ten years later, they had forgotten a little about Woods.

Eldrick Taunt wood, the sportsman’s full name, attracted widespread attention at the end of may. Then the press reported that the 14-time major winner was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and spent the night in a police station. Fried facts immediately flew to the pages of Newspapers and websites, where they began to savor the fans of sensations.

As in the old joke about Rabinovich winning a million dollars in the lottery, not all the information was correct. The details appeared a little later, and were not so scandalous. As it turned out, about three o’clock in the morning, the highway patrol in the Florida city of palm beach noticed a Mercedes standing with the engine running right on the road. Inside, the police found woods asleep, whose behavior seemed strange to them – he was slow and could not speak clearly. Naturally, with such symptoms, the athlete was immediately sent to the right place.

Woods himself denied from the start that he was drunk, and for good reason – alcohol was never found in his blood. But the 41-year-old golfer had to admit to other sins. As it turned out, he was taking medication prescribed by a doctor, including painkillers and sleeping pills. I went too far, falling asleep at the wheel. After that, he had to start a rehabilitation course. In particular, the charge of driving under the influence of drugs was reduced to just dangerous driving, which implies much less severe penalties. This story is not over yet.