World’s Top Golfing Tournaments

There are golf tournaments that are taking place all the time all over the world, both for amateur and professional players. The major golf championships, usually referred to as the Majors, are generally for male players and take place mainly in the US and the UK. The leading players from around the world will take part in these events each year and most of the events have a long history, adding to their prestige.

Those who win the tournaments can expect to earn large amounts of money and the tournaments are broadcast around the world for golf fans.

Masters Tournament

This tournament takes place in the US every April. It is an invitational event and it is held in Augusta, Georgia, at the Augusta National Golf Club. The world’s top 50 players get automatic invites to take part but there are around 100 players taking part, with half of them qualifying in other events.

PGA Championship

This event is held in May each year and it is run by the PGA of America. The location varies each year. Originally it took place in August but the move to May means that players are not as affected by the heat as they used to be.

US Open

The United States Golf Association is the host of the US Open, which takes place in June each year. The location will differ each year. 156 players take part each year and around half of these are only permitted to enter after taking part in two qualifying rounds.

British Open

This is held in July each year and it is hosted by the R&A, an organization that is based at St, Andrews. St. Andrews is one of the locations that are used for the tournament but this also moves around the country, using courses such as Royal Birkdale and Troon. The British Open is the oldest professional tournament in the world and the winner is handed the Claret Jug.