Gareth Bale makes fun of himself. He performed a famous challenge with a Golf club

Real Madrid want to sell Gareth Bale. Fans are not happy with the Welshman’s performance. They have been bantering for at least a year that the forward is more interested in Golf than football. This is all not news — bale’s problems in Madrid are already tired of listening to. It seems that it is time for Gareth to leave at least in the current transfer window.

With real Madrid and Zidane, it doesn’t work out. At least in 2020. It used to be all right.

But now everything is obvious: real Madrid is ready to do anything in the summer to part with Bale. Florentino Perez accepted that Gareth, with his salary, demands and dubious prospects, was too difficult to sell. Therefore, Madrid is ready to give Bale for free. Despite the fact that the player’s contract is valid until 2022. But if a particular club agrees with Gareth himself, Real Madrid will release the Welshman as a free agent. That’s it.

But one thing is unclear-does bale still love football? Ready to tear and throw? Give 200 percent for any team in this world? Get high on football?

Not from Golf. While the world almost does not play football because of the coronavirus-a new challenge has appeared. Players mint toilet paper — a scarce product, by the way! Bale changed the rules — he used paper as a gate (well, or a hole). He used a Golf club to roll a ball into it. Also for Golf.

On the one hand, of course, it’s fun. On the other hand, Bale is constantly being told that Golf is more important to him than football. Although, of course, he’s not a Pro golfer. But a professional football player…

And so, when all the Championships were put on pause, and people have much more time on the Internet, bale first: a) Announced plans to open a bar in his native Cardiff… with two Golf courses on the roof. Par 59 will have a restaurant, two bar counters, two mini Golf courses, and 18 thousand square meters of space. “I won’t play football forever, so I’m thinking about the future. And your own, and your favorite city. Yes, the coronavirus confuses everyone’s plans, but we are optimistic, ” bale was quoted as saying.