Former agent tries to sue Tony Finau for 16 million

Tony Finau is forced to take part in a lawsuit in which the plaintiff will try to recover more than $ 16 million from the golfer’s family. Molonai Hola, who heads Icon Sports, claims that for several years he paid the Fino family’s bills, but in the End did not receive compensation and agreed payments from the golfer’s income. The lawsuit also names Fino’s father and younger brother.

According to the lawsuit, Hola spent almost $ 600,000 to pay for the Fino family’s housing expenses, medical insurance, car purchases, and to move and live with Tony and his brother in Florida, where they took lessons from the famous coach David Leadbetter for about a year. And now the agent is demanding his money back along with a “penalty” of $ 16 million. Hola claims that he was promised 20 percent of the Fino family’s future income in professional Golf.

Over six years of playing on the PGA Tour, Tony’s prize money totaled about $ 20.3 million (including $ 300,000 for eighth place at the recent U.S. Open major). The younger brother Fino never managed to prove himself at the professional level, although initially he also showed great hopes.

Tiger Woods ‘ spare putter sold for record amount

It is no exaggeration to say that the legendary tiger Woods patter of the Scotty Cameron Newport II model is one of the most famous clubs in the world of Golf. Woods himself is very sensitive to his putter and admitted to reporters that even his children are forbidden to play with this stick (as with the Terrylium Scotty putter, with which tiger won his first major).

It’s hard to imagine how much collectors are willing to pay for a pattern with which tiger won 14 of his 15 majors (there is talk about amounts in the range of 3-5 million dollars), but his copies regularly “go under the hammer” for a lot of money. Every year, a couple of spare patters are made for Woods: for training and in case of unforeseen situations with the main one. And these are the patterns that sometimes get lucky fans.

At a recent auction, tiger’s spare patter, which he performed with in 2001, was sold for a record amount of $ 154,928, and its 2018 counterpart cost the new owner a hundred thousand less. Last year, another similar pattern was sold for 88 thousand. The uniqueness of the 2001 patter is that it was in that season that woods completed his Grand Slam, winning all four majors.

By the way, this week, on the occasion of the opening of the Payne’s Valley field, another charity auction was held, where 21 lots related to Woods ‘ career were presented. The total revenue of this auction was “only” 130 thousand in favor of the TGR Foundation, and the most expensive was the Full Swing Pro Series Simulator, sold for 41 thousand. A replica of the Golf cart used during the may match involving Woods, “went” for 16.5 thousand dollars.