Coronavirus and Golf: fans, tournaments and prospects

What could be more enjoyable than walking from one hole to the next, spreading your arms to the sides and greeting the fans on the left and right? Not during an outbreak of the coronavirus, which is spreading all over the world, but miraculously bypasses Russia.

Rickie Fowler, one of the most popular golfers among fans, used to regularly come into contact with Golf fans, but over the past few years, he does this less and less often.

“Periodically, I became ill. I don’t want to say that this is directly related to manual contact with other people, but now I very rarely shake hands with someone. Sometimes I can greet someone with a “fist bump”. When you regularly reach out to someone, you increase the risk of catching something. At some point I realized it, and now I understand it even better, ” Fowler said.

The opposite view is held by Billy Horschel. He believes that contact with fans is an integral part of Golf.

“This is not Golf, this is not the sport that we are used to. I just hope that the people I shake hands with know their condition, and if they are ill, they just won’t come to the field,” Horschel said.

In the English football Premier League, handshakes of players before the start of matches were previously canceled, and in the NBA, players are asked not to pick up items from fans that can be autographed.

The PGA Championship should be held in San Francisco as planned

What about the upcoming Golf tournaments?

On the European tour, some events have already been canceled, while the PGA is still on schedule. However, there is a possibility that some tournaments may be held without spectators.

“Now there are rumors that the” masters ” can not let the audience. The players have been talking about this for a couple of days. It is simply impossible to imagine the masters without Golf fans, ” Horschel added.

There were also rumors that the PGA Championship, which is scheduled to take place in San Francisco at TPC Harding Park, will be moved to another city. The Commissioner of the PGA tour, Jay Monahan (Jay Monahan) has denied these rumors.

“PGA of America executives plan to hold the PGA Championship in San Francisco at TPC Harding Park. As for the WGC stage in Austin, which is scheduled to take place in two weeks, we expect that the tournament will take place. Another thing is that the situation changes so quickly that sometimes new information appears every day or every hour. But at the moment, we have plans to hold the tournament in Austin, ” Monahan said.