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102nd PGA Championship. Colin Morikawa’s first major

Seven players shared the lead on the second nine on the final day of the major, notable for being the first time it was held without an audience.

Perhaps the deciding shot was played on the par-4 16th hole at TPC Harding Park. Collin Morikawa made a masterful exit from the tee, sending the ball to the green from 268 yards. Next, a confident Pat from two meters and the ball in the hole, eagle! Thanks to this fantastic shot, 23-year-old Colin recorded a grandmaster score of 64 (-6) and secured his first major of the season. Which simultaneously became the third title of his career on the PGA Tour. By the way, 64 is the lowest score in the final round of the PGA Championship in 25 years.

“In the beginning, I had no plans to take any chances at all on the 16th hole,” said Morikawa, who was level with Casey before his memorable tee shot. “At first I thought that the wind was too strong to take the driver. The distance was 254 meters to the front of the green, and for me it’s just a good drive. But in this weather, the ball should land a little shorter, and then hope for a ride. My CADDIE looked at me and asked what I was going to hit with. I told him, ” let’s make a good drive. This is a moment I will always remember.” “What a blow!” said Paul Casey, now 43 and still fighting for his first major title. As a result, it will share the second place. “All you can do is take off your hat. Collin accepted the challenge and did it. That’s what Champions do.”

For Dustin Johnson, this Sunday brought disappointment again. For the fourth time in his career, he started the last day of a major as the leader and failed to win the title. The 2016 US Open champion shared second place with Paul Casey of England (-11). Brooks Koepka (-3) failed a planned hat-trick and had to settle for 29th overall after 74 shots on Sunday. “It was my first bad round in a major in a long time,” said Koepka, winner of the last two PGA Championships. “It’s time for Colin to lift the Wanamaker Trophy.”

Collin Morikawa not only won the 102nd PGA Championship, but also set several records.

1) Collin Morikawa’s 64 (-6) Score on the final day was not only the lowest score for a round in the tournament, it was also the lowest final round score among all major winners.

2) Morikawa is the third youngest PGA champion since World war II. Major winners at the age of 23: Rory McIlroy (2012), tiger woods (1999), Jack Nicklaus (1963).

3) Morikawa is the youngest major winner to score less than 65 strokes in his last round.

4) Morikawa’s Irons last week landed an average of 10.36 meters from the hole – this is the 1st place in accuracy. He also has the 1st patting record – 2,019 putts per round. Out of 56 possible fairways, he hit 39 (69.64%, 1st place in hit accuracy).

5) And about the range of strikes by the driver, which has been discussed so much in recent months. It’s nice to see that Morikawa is not a trucker at all, but his score is one of the lowest. On average, he sent the ball 265.63 meters from the tee (T40). For comparison, Cameron Champ led the statistics with a score of 293.61 meters and ended up tenth.

6) Making just 129 shots (65-64) over the weekend, Morikawa set a new major record.

7) Morikawa received 1.98 million dollars for the victory. In 14 months of his professional career, the Californian earned more than $ 6.8 million in prize money.

8) this Is only the second major Colin has played in his life. Since 1970, only two players have managed to make as many attempts for a first win. In addition, Morikawa became the ninth player to win his PGA championship debut.

9) this title was Morikawa’s third victory on the PGA Tour from 29 starts! So far, he has won more tournaments than he has missed the cut.

10) thanks to this victory, Morikawa rose to second place in the FedExCup. He also became number five in the official world ranking.

European Tour: Hero Open, results. Sam Horsfield wins his first title

For Sam Horsfield, the weekend of the Hero Open tournament turned out quite well, although the Englishman lost a solid advantage during the third round. Sam started the final day with a minimal lead from his pursuers, but habitually got a few cons on the first nine, where Horsfield made sixteen birdies and an eagle in a week. With the second nine, Sam did not have such a warm relationship, and in the end he had to catch up with the Belgian Thomas Detry (Thomas Detry), who performed powerfully in the final round.

Horsfield managed to get another negative, but Detry allowed bogey, which cost him the title. Sam won his first European Tour trophy and topped the UK Swing Order of Merit, in which the best members of the British tour will receive ten invitations to the major U.S. Open. So it is likely that Horsfield will soon have to return to the US, where he trained for the previous three months.

For the second week in a row, Rasmus Hojgaard fought for the title, but on the final nine, the 19-year-old Dane made several mistakes and finished only in sixth place. Last year, Rasmus, who has already won the top European division, finished on the 192-th line of the Rating, but now is rapidly approaching the top hundred, but his twin brother Nikolai, who also played this week, can not yet boast of such progress.

Ernie ELS: do a knee-high RAF and don’t touch the gear

As soon as the pandemic faded into the background, one of the most important topics in the world of Golf again became the problem of constantly increasing the range of strokes among the pros, largely due to the development of technology in the production of equipment. Officials and legendary golfers constantly speak out about this and offer their own solutions to the situation. Ernie ELS did not stay away and shared his vision of this problem.

“Our game is in perfect order,” Ernie wrote on his Twtteer page. ” There is no point in hindering the development of equipment and increasing the distance. We need to focus on precision strikes. You don’t need to make the fields longer. Make the RAF knee-high and the fairways fast and firm, which will be equally difficult for all players.”

Recall that ELS twice won the major of the U.S. Open, the organizers of which made the most difficult RAF their business card, so the veteran is clearly confident in his ability to find fairways. It is worth noting that such a drastic decision can even hurt golfers, who usually focus on the accuracy of their drives. As practice shows, even the most accurate pros from time to time are in the RAF, but it is the “truckers” who have a much higher chance of getting out of the high grass with minimal losses. Notable here is the fact that Ernie in his 50 years adheres to more progressive views and does not offer to fight the development of technology, as many of his age-old colleagues do.

Cancellation of the competition for the European veterans

The main reasons for the cancellation of the season were cited as difficulties in organizing international flights and the risk during the spread of the pandemic.

The official staysure Tour appeal says that such a decision was difficult. But as a result of discussions with sponsors and players, as well as taking into account all the difficulties, the management came to the conclusion that the current version will be the only correct one. Golf is gradually getting back on track in compliance with safety regulations, but additional risks associated with demographic characteristics must be taken into account.

One of the oldest Golf courses in Italy

To the North of the city of Como is lake Lugano. In 1907, the Italian Golf club Menaggio & Cadenabbia Golf Club was founded here, which is four years younger than the first Golf course in Italy, Roma Acquasanta.

After world war I, the 9-hole course was expanded to 18 holes with the participation of Alfred Wyatt, who is a relative of the field’s Creator, Henry Milius. Wyatt is credited with the idea of using Indian symbols in the coat of arms of the Golf club, with which the Italian course is related to the Scottish one.

In 1960, the club became owned by the Roncoroni family. Milan-born Antonio Roncoroni co-founded the PGA and held the first national championship. In 1997, at the initiative of Vittorio Roncoroni, several greens were changed, and the field took a modern look.

The five-par 5th hole on the course is a wide fairway with a slight slope. The three-par 10th, four-par 11th and 12th holes resemble a field from a century ago. The 18th hole is a narrow four-par hole. The length of the hole is 232 meters from the men’s and 221 meters from the women’s launch pads.

You can spend your leisure time in the aristocratic apartments of the club house, which combines British classics and Italian brevity. The restaurant’s menu was prepared by a Michelin-starred chef. The terrace offers panoramic views of the lake.

The Guardian: Trump is criticized for playing Golf in the midst of an epidemic

Donald trump last Saturday visited his private Golf club in Virginia, the Guardian reports. It is noted that earlier the President promised to stay in Washington. The publication recalls that trump has repeatedly been criticized for excessive predilection for Golf. During his current visit, several people also gathered at the entrance to the Golf club with posters criticizing the President.

Last Saturday, Donald Trump visited one of his private Golf courses in Virginia, writes The Guardian. As the newspaper notes, this trip took place against the background of a new increase in cases of coronavirus infection in the United States, as well as after trump’s own statements that he would stay in Washington to “make sure that law and order are observed.”

The Guardian recalls that trump has been criticized before for being too fond of Golf. According to CNN, the current visit was trump’s 271st during his time in power. It is noted that trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, played Golf 333 times during his two presidential terms.

Meanwhile, the number of cases of coronavirus detected per day in the United States broke a new record, amounting to 40,000, the Guardian reports. States like Texas, Florida and Arizona were the hardest hit. The publication recalls that Donald trump was often harshly criticized for the fact that the United States has become the country with the largest spread of coronavirus in the world. Critics, first of all, note his reluctance to wear a mask, holding election events in the places of infection outbreak and spreading dubious theories about treatment methods.

According to the Guardian, on his last visit to his Golf course, trump came across opposition-minded activists. At the entrance to the Golf club, several people stood with placards campaigning against the us President. The publication notes that at the moment it is unknown whether trump played Golf, but in the photos he was wearing a white shirt and a red cap, which is his typical form for playing Golf.

Dmitry Svatkovsky: “In the next 5-10 years, the attitude to Golf in Russia may change»

Exactly 20 years ago, Dmitry Svatkovsky achieved the main achievement in his career — a gold medal at the 2000 Olympic games in Sydney in modern pentathlon. Soon after those Games, Dmitry finished his career, but did not leave the sport. In 2004, he became President of the European modern pentathlon Confederation, and was also the Director of the organizing Committee for the nomination of Moscow to host the 2012 Olympics and Sochi to host the 2014 Olympics. In addition, Svatkovsky is a Deputy of The state Duma, and also actively plays Golf. We talked with Dmitry about the problems of Russian Golf, its strengths and weaknesses as a player, as well as the upcoming tournament “Strong figures”.

  • Dmitry, in Russia and the former Soviet Union, there is still an opinion that Golf is a bourgeois sport only for the rich. Do you think Golf can expect a transformation in people’s minds like what happened to tennis in the 90s?
    — Such a transformation can indeed be expected, but under certain conditions! First, it is the emergence of a more developed and accessible infrastructure. There are prerequisites for this both in the two capitals and in the regions, because Golf has recently become an Olympic sport and the attitude towards it is gradually changing. Secondly, it is staffing – the appearance of methodologists, coaches with sufficient qualifications. Third, it is the appearance of Russian Champions-people who will be looked up to and whose success stories will be known. Our girls have a good chance here. When these three components add up to a single puzzle (in my opinion, this may happen within 5-10 years), we can expect a change in the attitude to Golf in our country.

— You, Svetlana Zhurova, Yevgeny Kafelnikov, Vera Shimanskaya and other famous Russian athletes switched to Golf at the end of their main career. For you, Golf is just a hobby and a pleasant pastime in good company, or does your sporting nature and desire to show the best results manifest themselves in any situation?
— Of course, this is a pleasant leisure in the first place. This is communication with people who are United by one interest, one goal. I would put the sports component in second place. Although in the heat of competition, there is often excitement and emotions overwhelm, and there is a great desire to achieve a high sporting result.

  • Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses as a golfer.
  • Weak points are unstable strikes at a distance of more than 150 meters, there is still a lot of work to be done. And I will refer to the strengths of the “short” game — everything within 100 meters. I have gained confidence and psychological stability. Of course, a school of big-time sports makes itself felt: how to control your emotions as not to draw attention to the failures and to prepare for the next shot.

— The main problem of popularizing Golf in Russia today is the lack of a truly big international star, or will the mass audience still not be very interested in watching a player go through 18 holes for 4-5 hours?
— I think the issue of creating infrastructure again comes to the fore. And, of course, individual success stories attract both children and adults. In addition, holding major international competitions in our country will give an impetus to the development of Golf.

— In a recent interview, you said that Golf will at some point become closer to the people due to mass participation. Has this process already started or not yet?
— This process began and developed rapidly. Now a lot depends on the position of the state and the Ministry of sports of the Russian Federation. If a special program is created to support Golf in terms of creating conditions and schools on the ground, the process will go much faster. There are examples of many countries where Golf is a popular game.

— Do you follow the world of Golf? If so, which golfers and golfers do you like?
— I follow men’s Golf. At the top of my personal ranking, tiger woods is my age, and I have been watching him for many years, long before I came to Golf myself. A great career with UPS and downs. I will be happy to read his memoirs in the future. I am also interested in European golfers Jon RAM and Henrik Stenson. I am closely following Brooks Koepka, who is going through difficult times, and I wonder how he will cope with this situation. I am waiting for Russian golfers to appear. I think the audience of Golf in the country in this case would expand at a tremendous pace.

— Do you plan to introduce your children to Golf?
— The whole family watches my performances. The girls were already holding clubs in their hands, trying out punches. I think that this year we will go out with them on the field. I also promote Golf among my friends and try to involve them in this sport.

Tiger is officially great. Woods is inducted into the Hall of fame

It was clear that tiger woods would be inducted into the world Golf Hall of fame 20 years ago. However, it was on Wednesday, March 11, that woods officially entered the closed and exclusive company of the best golfers of all time. Tiger had already passed all the necessary criteria for a long time, except for one: age. Previously, you could only become a member of the Hall of fame at the age of 50, but since this year, amendments have been made, and now you can join the club at 45. Woods is due to turn 45 in December, so the doors of the Hall of fame will be open to him in 2021.

Playing standards for a golfer of tiger’s caliber seem ridiculous: 15 wins in the main rounds or two majors. Recall that only in the PGA tour, woods won 82 times, and he has 15 majors. Tiger reached the minimum mark of 15 titles and two majors back in 1999, so there was no doubt that woods would appear in the Hall of fame when he reached a certain age.

“It is a great honor for me to be in the world Golf Hall of fame. I am very flattered by this decision. Last year was amazing for me. I have received incredible support from my family, friends and fans. The achievement that I achieved today once again proves that you can never give up and you should always strive for more,” woods said.

Why is tiger talking about “the solution”? Because compliance with regulations is not enough. Those players who meet the minimum requirements are shortlisted. This year, woods was one of 10 finalists whose fate was decided by a special Committee of 20 members. The heads of this Committee are well known people for Golf lovers: Beth Daniel, Nick Price, Annika Sorenstam, and Curtis strange. The player needs to get support from 75% of the judging Committee, that is, from 15 members out of 20. It is simply impossible to imagine that any of this Committee voted that woods was unworthy of being inducted into the Hall of fame.

The world Golf Hall of fame Museum, opened in 1998, is located in Florida. Already today, one of the biggest tournaments of the season — the Players Championship, which is unofficially called the fifth major-starts in this state. Unfortunately, woods will not join the company of the world’s strongest players due to a back injury. The very concept of “Golf Hall of fame” appeared in 1951, but then only in the LPGA, that is, in the American women’s tour. In 1998, members of the LPGA hall of fame were inducted into the overall world hall of fame. Men first entered the elite club in 1974. The first members were 11 players, most of whom can be called Golf legends: Walter Hagen, Ben Hogan, Bobby Jones, Byron Nelson, Jack Nicklaus, Francis Oumet, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, gene Sarazen, Sam Snead, and Harry Vardon.

Most of the club’s members are famous players of the past and present, but almost immediately the Hall of fame began to distinguish major functionaries, architects, journalists, coaches, and even agents. In 2009 and 2011, the Golf achievements of two former us presidents-Dwight Eisenhower and George H. W. Bush — were recognized. Since the mid-80s, new members do not appear every year: for example, in the past decade, 2014, 2016 and 2018 were “empty” years. In 2020, new members will also not appear: recall that now woods has only been chosen, but the official ceremony will take place in 2021. In the coming days, the names of other golfers and golfers who will receive such a high honor will be announced.

Organizers of OI-2020 canceled the countdown ceremony before the start of the tournament

The organizers of the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo decided to cancel the countdown ceremony before the start of the tournament, which was scheduled for July 23, reports Wtvbam with reference to the Japanese TV channel NHK.

“We cannot afford to hold such a large-scale event at this time, as there is still a risk of the spread of coronavirus,” said one of the members of the organizing Committee of the Games.

Earlier it became known that the government of Japan and the organizing Committee of the Games are considering a simplified holding of the Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo. The Games were originally scheduled to take place in July-August 2020, but they were moved to the same dates in 2021. Due to the risk of spreading coronavirus, the possibility of reducing the number of participants in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic and Paralympic games will be considered. They can also reduce the number of viewers.

Most of the residents of Tokyo have decided against holding the Olympics already migrated

More than half of Tokyo residents spoke out against holding the Olympic games in the capital of Japan, which were previously postponed from 2020 to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. This is reported by “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, referring to the report of the Kyodo Agency, which used the data of local sociologists.

1030 people aged 18 to 72 took part in the survey. The opinions of the capital’s residents were divided as follows: 51.7% of respondents were against the Olympics, 46.3% were in favor, and 2% could not decide on the answer.

Recall that it was originally planned that the summer Olympics in Tokyo will be held from July 24 to August 9, 2020, but according to the decision approved by the International Olympic Committee, it was postponed to the same dates in 2021.

Taro Yamamoto, a former actor who now heads the Reiwa Shinsengumi party, announced his candidacy for the post of Governor of Tokyo (Japan), Bloomberg reports.

It is reported that the main point of his program in case of winning the election will be the cancellation of the summer Olympic games in Tokyo. He believes that the money that will be spent on hosting the Olympics can be used more efficiently in another area.

Tokyo’s gubernatorial election will be held on July 5. The current Governor, Yuriko Koike, has also put forward her candidacy.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Tokyo Olympic games, which were scheduled to take place from July 24 to August 9, were postponed to next summer and will be held from July 23 to August 8, 2021.

Is the Tiger Woods era over?

The most famous golfer of our time tiger woods has completed treatment for drug dependence. Will we see him again on the podium of any major tournament?
In the noughties, every housewife knew woods’s name. His successes were aware of not only those who can not distinguish between “birdie” from steam, and the bunker from the green, but even those who have little idea how to look for the Golf clubs, how many of them, and how they differ.

All these details are for professionals or at least fans of the most aristocratic (according to adepts) sport. But there was so much of woods in everyday life that it was hard to miss him. He looked at us from the covers of magazines, glossy or not, smiled from the TV screen during ads, his victories were told about in the news of sports where Golf is not very welcome, he produced his own clothes and a named video game. He also regularly topped the list of the richest athletes – his earnings exceeded a billion dollars. Ten years later, they had forgotten a little about Woods.

Eldrick Taunt wood, the sportsman’s full name, attracted widespread attention at the end of may. Then the press reported that the 14-time major winner was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and spent the night in a police station. Fried facts immediately flew to the pages of Newspapers and websites, where they began to savor the fans of sensations.

As in the old joke about Rabinovich winning a million dollars in the lottery, not all the information was correct. The details appeared a little later, and were not so scandalous. As it turned out, about three o’clock in the morning, the highway patrol in the Florida city of palm beach noticed a Mercedes standing with the engine running right on the road. Inside, the police found woods asleep, whose behavior seemed strange to them – he was slow and could not speak clearly. Naturally, with such symptoms, the athlete was immediately sent to the right place.

Woods himself denied from the start that he was drunk, and for good reason – alcohol was never found in his blood. But the 41-year-old golfer had to admit to other sins. As it turned out, he was taking medication prescribed by a doctor, including painkillers and sleeping pills. I went too far, falling asleep at the wheel. After that, he had to start a rehabilitation course. In particular, the charge of driving under the influence of drugs was reduced to just dangerous driving, which implies much less severe penalties. This story is not over yet.

Gareth Bale makes fun of himself. He performed a famous challenge with a Golf club

Real Madrid want to sell Gareth Bale. Fans are not happy with the Welshman’s performance. They have been bantering for at least a year that the forward is more interested in Golf than football. This is all not news — bale’s problems in Madrid are already tired of listening to. It seems that it is time for Gareth to leave at least in the current transfer window.

With real Madrid and Zidane, it doesn’t work out. At least in 2020. It used to be all right.

But now everything is obvious: real Madrid is ready to do anything in the summer to part with Bale. Florentino Perez accepted that Gareth, with his salary, demands and dubious prospects, was too difficult to sell. Therefore, Madrid is ready to give Bale for free. Despite the fact that the player’s contract is valid until 2022. But if a particular club agrees with Gareth himself, Real Madrid will release the Welshman as a free agent. That’s it.

But one thing is unclear-does bale still love football? Ready to tear and throw? Give 200 percent for any team in this world? Get high on football?

Not from Golf. While the world almost does not play football because of the coronavirus-a new challenge has appeared. Players mint toilet paper — a scarce product, by the way! Bale changed the rules — he used paper as a gate (well, or a hole). He used a Golf club to roll a ball into it. Also for Golf.

On the one hand, of course, it’s fun. On the other hand, Bale is constantly being told that Golf is more important to him than football. Although, of course, he’s not a Pro golfer. But a professional football player…

And so, when all the Championships were put on pause, and people have much more time on the Internet, bale first: a) Announced plans to open a bar in his native Cardiff… with two Golf courses on the roof. Par 59 will have a restaurant, two bar counters, two mini Golf courses, and 18 thousand square meters of space. “I won’t play football forever, so I’m thinking about the future. And your own, and your favorite city. Yes, the coronavirus confuses everyone’s plans, but we are optimistic, ” bale was quoted as saying.

Golfers banned from wearing cleavage and mini-skirts

The women’s professional Golf Association (LPGA) has introduced a new dress code for female athletes.

The dress code forbids golfers to wear a uniform with a plunging neckline on the chest, leggings and short skirts.

“The new dress code will help female players present themselves more professionally and create a positive image of our game,” commented Heather Daly-Donofrio, LPGA communications officer.

The Association’s innovation has been widely criticized. Teen Vogue, for example, called the new LGPA policy ” discrimination against women based on appearance.”

Former golfer Matt Blackie was also skeptical of the LPGA’s initiative, saying he was not sure that a stricter dress code would increase the appeal of Golf.

Robert Lusetich, writing about Golf, commented on the introduction of the dress code: “my Sunday school teacher Must have been the author of the dress code.”

In Los Angeles, people were evacuated due to the threat of a terrorist attack on the territory of the future Olympic village

Students and visitors to the University of California at Los Angeles were evacuated due to a bomb threat.

Several hundred people were forced to leave the building after an anonymous call to the police station. After two and a half hours, the students were allowed to return to the building, as no suspicious devices were found.

The UCLA campus is part of the city’s bid to host the 2024 or 2028 Olympic games.

The international Olympic Committee (IOC) Commission visited the campus in may during a visit to the city. The University buildings should house the Olympic and Paralympic village during the Games.

Thomas Bach: “the IOC strongly opposes the growing politicization of sport, it only exacerbates existing differences»

International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach considers the politicization of sports unacceptable.

“We can fulfill our mission to unite the world only if the Olympics are above any political differences. We can only achieve this if the Games are politically neutral.

The Olympic games is a global platform for athletes. Games are not and should never be a place to promote political or any other potentially controversial goals.

We are strongly opposed to the growing politicization of sport, because otherwise we will not be able to fulfill our mission to unite the world. As history has shown, such politicization of sports does not yield any result and in the end only exacerbates existing differences, ” Bach wrote in a new year’s address.