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Jack Nicklaus: “I don’t think the masters Golf tournament will take place».

On Friday, we learned that the masters, which was scheduled for April 9-12, has been postponed. When? This question could not be answered either then or now.

We know for sure that there will be no Golf in the next month. At the moment, the next start on the PGA tour is the RBC Heritage in South Carolina from April 16 to 19. Of course, its holding is now in question.

As for the masters, it has just been postponed, but it is not clear how you can change the calendar to hold all four majors, the Ryder Cup, the Olympics, the FedEx Cup playoffs, the WGC stage and other tournaments until the end of September.

Jack Nicklaus said that he spoke with the Chairman of Augusta National, Fred Ridley, even before the official announcement of the transfer of the masters.

“I think they made the right decision. I support it.

I don’t think anyone would want to come to Augusta and get sick. People come there from all over the world, and there is a high chance that someone may bring the virus with them,” Niklaus believes.

When can the masters be held?

Ridley himself, when announcing the postponement of the tournament, did not specify when golfers will still be able to play in Augusta. Experts believe that the tournament may take place in October, but the 18-time major champion is not sure that the masters will take place in principle.

“Technically, they just moved it, but I don’t know how they will be able to hold the masters later in the season. How will they manage to fit the tournament into the calendar? If it succeeds, it may not be fair to other competitions. I think the masters will probably be canceled this year. This is just my opinion, but I think there is a logic here, ” Niklaus added.

Indeed, there are no free weeks on the PGA tour calendar until the end of August. There is in September, after the end of the season and before the Ryder Cup, but, you must agree, this is a very strange time for the main tournament of the season. October seems a more reasonable solution. Accordingly, the points will go into the new season’s standings.

Is it possible to cancel some” normal “tournament in the spring or summer and hold the “masters” instead? Theoretically Yes, but as Mr Nicklaus said, it would be unfair to the organisers, sponsors and fans in a particular city who have been waiting a year for the top golfers to arrive.


Financial losses from the transfer of the Olympic games in Tokyo to 2021 will amount to more than $5.8 billion

The postponement of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo will deal a blow to the Japanese economy and lead to financial losses that will exceed $ 5.8 billion. This is reported by the British economic publication LearnBonds.

The Olympic games were supposed to be held from July 24 to August 9, 2020, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, they were postponed to 2021.

In 2013, when the capital of Japan was chosen for the 2020 Olympics, it was estimated that hosting the Games would cost about $ 6.6 billion, but by the end of 2019, the total cost had almost doubled to $ 12.3 billion.

The organizing Committee invested 5.51 billion dollars in the Olympics. Tokyo authorities were in second place in terms of spending, spending just $ 5 million less than the organizing Committee. The Central government of Japan allocated 1.37 billion dollars.

One of the crucial factors in calculating how the postponement of the Games has hit Japan’s economy is that much of this spending has already occurred. This means that the impact of spending has already been factored into the country’s gross domestic product in recent years.

The postponement of the Games had an impact on the training of 11,000 athletes and 4,400 Paralympic athletes. Many of them trained for several weeks in countries that have now closed their borders. Their expenses for preparing for the Olympics totaling $ 3.56 billion were also attributed to losses.

The Olympics are expected to have a long-term economic impact on Japan, generating more than $ 2 billion in revenue mainly from tourism, Tokyo’s infrastructure development, and continued use of new facilities.

The projected cost of maintaining, repairing, and managing stadiums and the Olympic village will be about $ 210 million, while public relations and communications costs will be $ 91 million.

Also lost profit from sponsorship and advertising contracts in the amount of 4.4 billion dollars.

Japanese businesses had a significant share in the budget for the Tokyo Olympics. Sponsorship money totaled $ 3.18 billion, which is a record. The 2012 Olympic games in London and the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro attracted three times less money from local sponsors.

This figure does not include the partnership agreements concluded between the giant companies Panasonic, Toyota and Bridgestone and the International Olympic Committee to sponsor several Games in a row. These organizations have exclusive deals with the IOC worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

NBC set a record by selling more than $ 1.25 billion worth of ads in the run-up to the 2020 Olympic games. Although the company was insured, delaying the Tokyo Olympics would cost them a loss of advertising revenue. During Rio 2016, NBC earned about $ 250 million in advertising.


Japan’s Prime Minister will propose that the IOC postpone the 2020 Olympics to next year

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will offer the head of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Thomas Bach to consider the option of moving the 2020 Olympics to Tokyo next year, according to the Japanese channel NHK.

Today, Abe and Bach are holding telephone talks about the possible postponement of the 2020 Games due to the spread of the coronavirus around the world.

Earlier, the Japanese authorities and the IOC said that the Olympics will be held on time – from July 24 to August 9. But on the eve of the IOC said that the final decision on the tournament will be made within 4 weeks.

Stanislav Pozdnyakov: “The ROC understands the decision of the IOC to postpone the Olympics»

The head of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) Stanislav Pozdnyakov commented on the postponement of the Olympic games in Tokyo in 2021 because of the coronavirus.

“We understand the decision of the International Olympic Committee and the organizing Committee of the 2020 Games to postpone the Olympic games and fully support the IOC’s position on the priority of ensuring the health and safety of athletes, competitors and the entire international sports community.

It is clear that this decision was very difficult and was taken in an unprecedented situation related to the coronavirus pandemic and the global consequences for humanity.

We hope that in the end the Tokyo Olympic Games will be held in an atmosphere of grandiose universal celebration and will serve to unite countries and peoples, which is what the world needs in particular, from my point of view.

We have a lot of joint work to do, but I would like to stress that the new dates for the Games, with an emphasis on the spring of 2021, outlined in today’s joint statement by the IOC and the Tokyo 2020 organizing Committee, look optimal under the circumstances. Because, first of all, they allow international sports federations to maintain the necessary format for all qualifying and qualifying competitions, and, secondly, not to break the calendar of the main events and competitions of the next year.

The ROC will continue to prepare for the Tokyo Games in full format, taking into account the changed dates. We will also continue to conduct all necessary consultations with the IOC and other international organizations to ensure a constructive dialogue on all relevant issues,” Pozdnyakov wrote.


Japan’s Finance Minister: ” The 2020 Olympics are cursed. This happens every 40 years , it’s a fact»

Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso believes that the 2020 summer Olympics in Tokyo are cursed.

According to the Minister, such games happen once in 40 years , since 1940.

The 1940 games in Tokyo were canceled due to the war, the 1980 Games in Moscow were boycotted by many countries, and the 2020 Games may not take place due to the threat of coronavirus.

“This problem occurs every forty years – the damn Olympics. This is a fact, ” Aso said .

Vice-President of the Japanese Olympic Committee Kozo Tashima was diagnosed with a coronavirus.

Tashima, 62, is a member of the FIFA Board of Directors . From late February to early March, he paid an official visit to England, the Netherlands, and the United States.

According to Tashima, he is doing well, despite being unwell and having symptoms of pneumonia.

“I will focus on the treatment and the instructions of my doctor,” the sports official said.

Denis Massella, President of the French national Olympic Committee, hopes that the crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic will pass by the end of may, which will allow the 2020 Olympics to be held in Tokyo.

“In my opinion, if we are still in crisis by the end of may, it is difficult to imagine that the Games will be held on time.

If we overcome the peak and the situation improves, there will be questions about who was selected, but we will find the optimal solution.

I trust the IOC and am waiting for more information.

A week ago, I could not even imagine the situation in which we are now. When I returned (from Japan) on Saturday morning, I was confident and optimistic, telling myself that the Japanese were solving the problem a little differently.

They are extremely careful, water-based gels are everywhere. Everyone wears masks, they work almost normally.

If we get out of the crisis in a couple of months, everyone will want to return to normal life, this will speed things up, ” Massella said.


Hatton overcame nerves and a difficult field and won the Arnold Palmer Invitational

Rehearsal of “Major”. Tyrrell Hatton won the first PGA tour title at the Arnold Palmer Invitational Golf tournament on one of the most challenging courses .

Florida prepares golfers for upcoming major tournaments. A week ago, sungjae Im won the Honda Classic with a score of “-6”, and last Sunday, Tyrrell Hatton won the Arnold Palmer Invitational with an even higher score – “-4”.

At the same time, the Bay Hill Club course has a par 72, meaning it has four par-5 holes, but for almost all golfers, the tournament has become a real test.

Suffice it to say that golfers hit the green with the standard number of strokes only 50.5% of the time. This is the lowest percentage on the PGA tour since 2005 (excluding majors).

In addition, the 284 strokes (which is how many Hatton landed) is the most for a PGA tour champion on a course with a par of 72 since 2014.

Another “-4” is the second highest result of the champion in the entire history of the tournament. Finally, only one round of fewer than 70 punches was recorded over the weekend. This is Matthew Fitzpatrick (Matthew Fitzpatrick) on Sunday passed the field for 69 touches and immediately rose to 27 positions, as almost everyone regularly allowed bogeys, doubles and even triples.

What is the reason?

Bay Hill field with an abundance of water barriers and high RAF is difficult in itself, but on Saturday and Sunday, the organizers also set up flags in hard-to-reach places, so the level of complexity of the Arnold Palmer Invitational was not inferior to the “majors”, and in some ways, perhaps even surpassed.

On Thursday, when the field was still relatively friendly, the main favorite, Rory Mcilroy, got off to a great start. However, after 66 hits on the first day, he hit 73 in the second and third, and on Sunday allowed two double bogeys and showed a score of 76.

Even though he made a lot of mistakes and played poorly, Rory was only a few strokes away from the lead at times during the final round.


The organizing Committee of Tokyo-2020 denied information about the possible consideration of canceling the Olympics because of the coronavirus.

Toshiro Muto, head of the organizing Committee for the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo, commented on the words of IOC member Richard pound that the tournament may be canceled if the situation with the coronavirus does not go down in the next two months. “Our main idea is that we continue to prepare for the Olympics and Paralympics according to the established plan. While the situation with the coronavirus is difficult to predict, we will take all measures to ensure that the Games are safe.

Never heard that the end of may is the deadline. When we asked about this, we got the answer that this is not the IOC’s position, ” Muto said. “Games are not canceled. But even if the Olympics were canceled, the IOC would continue to Fund sports and National Olympic committees. But there are no plans to cancel the Games.

We have canceled Games in the past in wartime… It’s just a matter of monitoring the situation, ” IOC member John Coates was quoted as saying by the Sydney Morning Herald.

Mark Adams, press attache of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), said that the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo will be held on time, despite the threat of coronavirus.

“The world health organization (who) has not even banned international travel, there is no pandemic yet. There are some difficulties with qualifying tournaments, but we are doing a good job. The games will be held in July – everything else is speculation. No matter how many people ask me about it, I will still answer this way.

There is a lot of speculation right now, but we want to focus on the facts. I can only repeat that the who did not recommend any restrictions, ” Adams said at a press conference. The 2020 summer Olympics in Tokyo will take place from July 24 to August 9.






The 3 most famous golf players in the world today

Dustin Johnson

Golfer was born in 1984 in America, Dustin Johnson is a professional athlete in the American golf village.

Currently, Dustin Johnson plays for the PGA Tour – this is the golf tournament with the highest prize in the world. At the PGA Tour tournament, Dustin Johnson has always been one of the best 5 golfers in 10 consecutive years from 2006 to 2017. Which led 1 time in 2015.

At the international level, Dustin Johnson has also won many important awards such as winning the U.S. Open. U.S. Open or 5 times winning World Golf Championship.
Jason Day

Jason Day was born in 1987, Australian athlete currently playing at the PGA Tour. The achievements that Jason Day received during his golf playing include:

June 2011 entered the Top 10 in the world golf rankings after winning the second prize at U.S Open.

September 2015, Champion of major PGA Championship.

Achieved a record of 20 strokes at another major tournament. Not only that, Jason Day has won the WGC World Golf Championship twice.
Tiger Woods

The list of 5 most famous golfers in the world cannot help but mention Tiger Woods. Golfer born in 1975 is one of the most famous golfers of all time. He has been one of the world’s most profitable athletes for many years.

Ever since high school, he had a successful amateur golf career. By the age of 20, he will move completely to professional golf. Achieving 3 PGA Tour and major Masters 1997 awards. And ranked 1st in the world golf rankings after less than 1 year of playing professional golf.

Not only that, he has occupied this position for a total of 683 weeks, more than anyone else.
Henrik Stenson
Henrik Olof Stenson (b. 1976) is a Swedish professional golfer, playing at both the PGA Tour and the European Tour (European tour). He was the first Swede to win a male major. And achieved a record score of -20 in the Open Championship 2016 (equal to Jason Day in 2015)

Mickelson won Woods after the fourth pit, winning $ 9 million

A throw from just over a meter helps Phil Mickelson defeat his longtime rival, winning a record sum of prize money in golf history.
The fight between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson at Shadow Creek Stadium was as exciting as expected. Mickelson started better, birdie right on hole number two to lead Woods one.

It was not until the seventh hole, “Super Tiger”, which equalized by a perfect strike from more than three meters. But soon after, Mickelson re-established the lead with birdie in hole 8.

The competition became unpredictable in the second half of the round. Woods birdie consecutively in holes 11 and 12, leading an opponent to a hole. But the 42-year-old star does not hold the advantage for too long. In the next hole, Mickelson only needs two sticks to put the ball into the hole, thus leveling the gap.

The victory came close to the golfer nicknamed “The Lefty” with birdie in hole 15, while Woods spent five consecutive holes only par. After hole 16, Mickelson still leads Woods a hole and is full of opportunities to win nine million dollars in prize money.

But Woods did not let the game close in a tedious manner. The owner of 14 excellent major titles put the ball into hole 17 after only two strokes and brought the race to the starting line. In hole 18, two veteran stars reach par and have to step into the pit. Woods soon gets a chance at the first pit when he takes a decisive shot from a distance of 2.4 meters. But he missed. The next two extra holes, Mickelson’s turn had a chance to finish the game, but also squandered after two strokes, respectively three and six meters away.

The match lasted more than four hours and ended in the 22nd hole. A high-class driver helped Mickelson put the ball just 1.2 meters from the crater. The 48-year-old Golfer then easily birdie to win the match and win nine million dollars in cash.

Matt Kuchar takes the lead, McIlroy in the Top 10 opening days of Genesis Invitational

Gathering 9 of the top 10 golfers in the world but Matt Kuchar is the name most mentioned after the first round of Genesis Invitational.
Kuchar played an almost perfect round with 7 birdies and no bogey. The 41-year-old Golfer created 3 birdies in the first 4 holes before coming up with a 30-foot putt for another birdie in a challenging 18 hole. According to the statistics of, the average tee-off length of Kuchar is 298.5 yards, the drive is 64.3% accurate and reaches the green rate of 77.8%, …

Matt Kuchar is the name most mentioned after the first round of Genesis Invitational who layed an almost perfect round with 7 birdies and no bogey

With a result of 64 (-7), Kuchar has led the official event upgraded by the PGA Tour this season, creating at least 3 points difference with 5 golfers: Harold Varner III, Kyoung-Hoon Lee, Russell Henley , Wyndham Clark and Adam Schenk.
Overcoming the unfavorable start when getting bogey in hole 12, Rory McIlroy created 2 Eagles in only three holes and together with birdie hole 5, the world’s number one golfer has significantly improved the score. At the end of the first round with 68 (-3), McIlroy ranked at T7 with nine other golfers, including Patrick Cantlay, Patrick Reed, Jason Day or Bryson DeChambeau.

Tiger Woods, the name that attracted the most attention, had a round of 69 (-2) and ranked in T17. In the first hole, Super Tiger responded to the expectations of the audience with a 24-foot, 8-inch putt that perfectly scored Eagle. Continuing with 2 birdie 5 and 8, Woods ended the first half with 31 (-4). However, the happenings in the following 9 holes are completely opposite. The windy weather on the Riviera has affected Woods and made it difficult for Super Tiger to record no more birdies and get bogey holes 12 and 18.

In the same group of results like Woods, there are other prominent names like Brook Koepka or Justin Rose.