Cancellation of the competition for the European veterans

The main reasons for the cancellation of the season were cited as difficulties in organizing international flights and the risk during the spread of the pandemic.

The official staysure Tour appeal says that such a decision was difficult. But as a result of discussions with sponsors and players, as well as taking into account all the difficulties, the management came to the conclusion that the current version will be the only correct one. Golf is gradually getting back on track in compliance with safety regulations, but additional risks associated with demographic characteristics must be taken into account.

One of the oldest Golf courses in Italy

To the North of the city of Como is lake Lugano. In 1907, the Italian Golf club Menaggio & Cadenabbia Golf Club was founded here, which is four years younger than the first Golf course in Italy, Roma Acquasanta.

After world war I, the 9-hole course was expanded to 18 holes with the participation of Alfred Wyatt, who is a relative of the field’s Creator, Henry Milius. Wyatt is credited with the idea of using Indian symbols in the coat of arms of the Golf club, with which the Italian course is related to the Scottish one.

In 1960, the club became owned by the Roncoroni family. Milan-born Antonio Roncoroni co-founded the PGA and held the first national championship. In 1997, at the initiative of Vittorio Roncoroni, several greens were changed, and the field took a modern look.

The five-par 5th hole on the course is a wide fairway with a slight slope. The three-par 10th, four-par 11th and 12th holes resemble a field from a century ago. The 18th hole is a narrow four-par hole. The length of the hole is 232 meters from the men’s and 221 meters from the women’s launch pads.

You can spend your leisure time in the aristocratic apartments of the club house, which combines British classics and Italian brevity. The restaurant’s menu was prepared by a Michelin-starred chef. The terrace offers panoramic views of the lake.