7 million to support Golf

Today it was announced that the R&A has set up a special Fund of seven million pounds to support Golf. We are talking about overcoming the consequences of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

The money will be allocated to national associations and other R&A-affiliated entities, but only in the UK and Ireland. I think that it is not necessary to rush to the R&A with questions “What about the rest of the country?”. The old and Royal has spent and is spending substantial money on developing Golf around the world. Now they have decided to first support the affected clubs in their country. I am sure that all the others will not remain without support.

As Martin Slumbers, CEO of R&A, put it:”Golf is our DNA and we must do everything we can to help get out of the crisis.” Many (if not all) clubs in the United Kingdom have been severely affected by the restrictions imposed in connection with the pandemic and now money from the R&A Fund through national associations will be sent to them. The R&A is well aware that club Golf is the Foundation of Golf development in the country and that is why they want to help clubs in the first place.

I must say that even without any pandemics, the R&A has been very closely monitoring the state of club Golf in the country. A few years ago, I witnessed a very serious conversation between the management of the R&A and the municipality of a certain region, where they decided to close the municipal Golf course. As a result, the closure did not take place and the field is still open today.

Rhetorical questions “How is AGR going to support Russian clubs?» we won’t ask questions yet. And all of a sudden? For example, the President of the AGR will call together the club leaders and” in the image and likeness of the older brother ” will announce that he will return the money to the clubs for registering their members in the handicap system this year! Or even make this registration for all Russian golfers free for a year! That would be a great sign of concern for clubs and golfers!

Oh, what a sight to see on this self-isolation!!!